3 simple moves to help Man United solve the problem of Pogba

Just as Coach Jose Mourinho once said, midfielder Paul Pogba is exactly the virus that makes Man United suffer. If you want to solve the problems related to this French player, the Reds can choose 3 simple moves as follows.

Find for Pogba a perfect partner

Pogba is not doing his best at Old Trafford due to M.U’s lack of a player who can play a match with him. According to the former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy, to change the current situation, M.U should recruit Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante. This is a perfectly reasonable solution because Kante is so familiar with English football environment. The more important thing is that this small player along with Pogba proved himself to be the right pair when playing for France.

When Ander Herrera proved Pogba could be lifted up when standing with a good partner, Kante with what was shown in the 2018 World Cup promises to outperform the upcoming PSG player. In case M.U can’t buy Kante, they can switch to Option B to try to bring West Ham’s Declan Rice to Old Trafford.

Hand over the captain’s armband to Pogba

Both coach Mourinho and Solskjaer’s successor value Pogba as a leader, but both have not left the former Juventus midfielder as the official captain of M.U. Before the recent match between Chelsea and M.U, Solskjaer himself once said: “I can guarantee Pogba wants to succeed with M.U”.

“We want Pogba to be MU’s leader both on the court and in the dressing room. Today the world has changed. MU is no longer the Robbo (Bryan Robson), Roy Keane or Steve Bruce in the dressing room, so they are I have to trust other personalities, such as Pogba “.

If Captain M.U said so, now is the time to put absolute faith in Pogba. Be aware, the current M.U captain Antonio Valencia is no longer under Solskjaer’s plan and will definitely leave at the end of the season. Therefore, if Pogba still could not take over the captain’s armband, it would be like an insult to him.

Liquidate and use money to reinvest

In the case of M.U feel that Pogba is no longer willing to devote to the team, in the context of Real willing to bring this 1993 born player to the Bernabeu, liquidation is the obvious solution for them. With financial potential and playability that has become a brand, Real is judged to be able to afford £ 130 million to recruit Pogba.

This number is actually higher than the price of M.Uu paid Juventus (£ 89 million) in exchange for the service of the player Zinedine Zidane coach is very keen to bring to Real. With £ 130 million, M.U can even buy up to 2 stars to rebuild the Red Devils.

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