Football vs Liverpool vs Barcelona, 2h00 on May 8: Sadness Anfield

Liverpool played well at the first leg at the Nou Camp. But the 0-3 loss ratio is too big an obstacle for them to successfully reverse the tide. Not only that, The Kop also lost a series of pillars because of injury. Last season’s Champions League runner-up will have to stop taking this tournament tonight …

In the turn, Liverpool played quite well. They even took more balls and hit more goals than Barcelona. Regarding the number of delicious opportunities, The Kop is not inferior to the opponent. Mohamed Salah, James Milner and Sadio Mane both scored in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Of course, it was impossible not to mention the shot from Salah’s long post. Saying that to see, Liverpool seems to lose to Messi and the score 0-3 is quite unfair to them.

That defeat made Juergen Klopp’s teachers and teachers face a lot of difficulties tonight. The first difficulty is of course the 3 white tables. It is too big a distance for The Kop to overcome. Remember, Liverpool will have to enter the game with the heart of winning it is not enough, but also forced to win boldly. This will make The Kop suffer a great psychological pressure and it is not easy for Van Dijk to join the team in comfort.

The next difficulty of the Anfield team is the physical problem. Last weekend, they just had to die against Newcastle in the Premier League. It is a match that The Kop consumes a lot of energy before the determination of Cheo. Meanwhile, Barcelona launched their first B-team in their march to Celta Vigo. That is, Liverpool also lost more than La Liga in terms of fitness.

Finally, the biggest difficulty facing teachers and coaches Klopp is their absence of many pillars. Roberto Firmino will not be able to play tonight. Salah was also absent after being shocked at the start of the match against Newcastle. Liverpool are entering the Champions League “final” without both the most important players on the front line. That is the irreparable loss of The Kop. In short, the Champions League runner-up last season did not have the best preparation for this great battle.

Barcelona is different. La Liga representatives marched to Anfield with great confidence. Twice closest to England playing in the Champions League, Barca have a convincing victory. They defeated M.U 1-0 at Old Trafford. Before that, in the group stage this season, they also destroyed Tottenham 4-2 right at Wembley.

The scary thing about Barca is that now they play very pragmatically. La Liga champions do not need to hold the ball much, do not need to attack much, do not need to create intense pressure, but every time they hit the ball there is always danger. Barca can now completely play stalking but the damage is very high. At Anfield, Liverpool will have to rush to attack and they can completely get the goals from the sharp counterattack of Barca, thanks to the superstar attack like Messi or Suarez.

It’s too hard for The Kop to create a retrograde. Sorry for Liverpool when they are playing very well this season but it is hard to repeat the Champions League final as a year ago.


Liverpool: Away from Salah, Firmino, Keita (injury).

Barca: Away Rafinha, Dembele (injury).

Liverpool won 8, losing 9/20 matches in the latest Asian match.

Liverpool’s last 15/20 matches have a minimum of 1 goal in the first half.

Barca won 9, lost 11/20 in the latest Asian match on away field.

The latest 1/20 Barca game has a minimum of 1 goal in the first half.

Liverpool did not perform well before Spain representatives
History shows, Liverpool often do not have a good record when meeting Spanish representatives in the European Cup at Anfield. Specifically, in 17 matches like this they only won 5, drew 7, and received 5 defeat. In addition, it is necessary to know that Barca have won the last 2 games to play at Anfield. Will Liverpool improve their performance when meeting La Liga representatives at home?


Coach Juergen Klopp (Liverpool): “The mission is very difficult, but nothing is impossible in the football world. Liverpool will fight to the end to create a miracle.

Coach Ernesto Valverde (Barca): “Liverpool are always the most dangerous when placed in a difficult situation. We are not allowed to be subjective at Anfield ”.

Total goals are even numbers

The last 4/5 of Barca’s away matches have an even number of goals.

The last 8/13 Liverpool home matches have a similar scenario. This match is possible.


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