Liverpool upstream against Barca: The giant writhes on the fire of the phoenix

Liverpool created an incredible comeback on Anfield in front of Barcelona, ​​where the phoenix fire burned the Catalan giant.

Football is a collective sport. The prestigious team is not a team that gathers many stars but creates a consistent and consistent team. Johan Cruyff once said a classic sentence: “I have never seen any money scooping goals,” a successful quote from Ajax Amsterdam and DT Holland in the 1970s and became the philosophy for Barcelona to build La. Masia later.

Liverpool under Klopp’s hand is such a team. At Anfield last night, The Kop lost both Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah, had to use faces considered “wooden feet” like Divock Origi. However, the Red Army troops still formed a smooth and synchronous operation machine, from pressing to attack organization.

Barca is not such a cohesive collective at the present time. Under Ernesto Valverde, La Masia was cheap and hundreds of millions of euros were poured out to carry the soldiers. 120 million euros threw the opportunity to raise the score to 4-0 in the minutes of the first match. By the return match, 160 million euros lost during the day back to Anfield.

More important, the Catalans are divided into two separate parts. Messi’s super pants, Alba’s speed and Suarez’s mischief take on the attack, with La Pulga being the key. The rest is mainly responsible for holding the ball and defending. The weakness of Barca’s organization is also reflected in how often they use 4-4-2 instead of 4-3-3.

Rather, Valverde exchanged traditions and philosophies for safety and balance. Arturo Vidal’s presence and somewhat impressing is evidence. It is a form of good midfielder in dispute and taking over space rather than turning and coordinating. The 29-pass parameter with an accuracy of only 78% but has 7 successful ball shots of the Chilean player reflects the thought of the Spanish strategist.

However, Valverde only dares to carry out the half-hearted revolution, meaning that Barca is still based on the control of the ball. Barca’s tragedy is there. With 4-4-2, the coordination triangle disappeared to replace with 2 defensive lines, so the ability to exit and exit pressing of Barca is limited. They mainly depend on Messi’s ability to make mutations while Klopp is a pressing master.

So, 3/4 of Barca’s goals came from situations of losing the ball on the home side because of the ability to pressure the opponent. Going back to the first leg, the actual score 3-0 does not reflect the match. Barca’s victory came from the moment of the ecstasy of individuals, especially Messi while the Liverpool strikers proved too ungainly.

Even so, 3 tables is an immense distance to be leveled. It is even possible to see Klopp teachers and students have to perform an impossible task, by the opponent is Barca, a superpower of European football with the genius Messi in the squad. However, football is an irregular sport and at Anfield nothing is impossible.

Feel the special atmosphere of the school bridge here. The singing of thousands of fans came to every nook and cranny, from the traditional song You’ll never walk alone soaked in history until the epic Allez allez allez. It is a spirit that accumulates from glorious victories from Bob Paisley or Bill Shankly to make every opponent tremble.

And indeed Barca was trembling, as he had in the final against Sevilla 20 years ago or nightmare night in Rome a year ago. The night Anfield was even more horrified when the Catalan giant writhed on the fire of passion, passion and mettle that Klopp teachers and thousands of Liverpool fans created. In that fire, it was not difficult to see the image of a proud phoenix fluttering into the air.

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