Man City, Liverpool and celestial epic

The power that Manchester City shows or the emotions that Liverpool brings has created an epic not forgetting the Premier League.

The Premier League is witnessing an unrivaled double-digit race to the championship. After 37 rounds of the season, the leading position has 32 owners, Manchester City and Liverpool have scored 178 goals and won 189 points.

Throughout history, the highest league of the country has never seen two teams surpass 90 points in the same season until this season, with Liverpool having 94 points and Man City having 95 points. With Liverpool scores, the Red Brigade was crowned 24/26 of the past seasons of the Premier League era.

Of course, the numbers only portray a terrible part of the race with this spectacular code. For Man City, after a quiet time of giving the Champions League stage, this team arena was disqualified, it was time for Pep Guardiola’s teachers to return under the lights with the desire to eat in the arena. domestic.

“First of all, this is a dream come true”, coach Pep Guardiola told the decisive march to Brighton’s yard. “I did not expect the current position when there were times when we were 7 points behind Liverpool. So that’s why this is a dream come true”, the Spanish strategist continue.

And he went straight to the point: “We have shown a lot of things, but now is not the time to mention how good Man City has played. We are facing the chance to win if we win. And that’s all we have to do. “

Manchester City or Liverpool will be crowned in the Premier League in 2018/19 making waves in every corner. Half way around the world, in Australia, how many kangaroo countries are talking about whether Maty Ryan, the Australian goalkeeper and Brighton will be able to stop City from helping Liverpool, the team needs to beat Wolves.

On the market, the dealer is rapping 10 to 1 for Man City to be crowned and to Liverpool is 7 to 1. However, even the predicted organization cannot imagine the savior of Man City and Liverpool were in the penultimate round of Kompany and Origi, a 6-year midfielder without a long shot and a third-class reserve striker.

Together, Man City and Liverpool won 60 victories after 74 games, 40 clean sheets and nearly 50,000 passes. In Brighton, Man City headed for the 14th consecutive victory. Meanwhile, Liverpool headed for the first British title after nearly 30 years of writhing. Reason is on the side of City but the heart clearly belongs to Liverpool.

On September 15, Chelsea climbed to the top of the Premier League rankings and made fans feel overwhelmed with the so-called Sarriball. But since then, only Liverpool or Man City have taken the lead. Both teams showed the qualities of the monarch. That is class, will and bravery. So the race is so balanced that the difference is only 1 point and the difference is Man City +69, Liverpool +65.

But Liverpool are not only weaker than Man City in terms of scores but also disadvantageous in many ways. First, The Kop’s rival is Wolverhamton, Big Six hunter. In contrast, City’s opponent is just Brighton who is ranked 17th on the rankings. Next, Man City had a whole week of preparation for the day of ruling and Klopp teachers and teachers were both exhausted to create a spectacular showdown against Barcelona.

Obviously Liverpool has brought so much emotion by flaming errors and the wait for the fans to have this experience. But Man City really deserves to be crowned by the strength of this team expressed under the mold of the strategist strategist Pep Guardiola. Statistics show that in just 2 seasons, Man City won 195 points after 75 matches. In it, last season Man City crowned with a record score of 100.

In terms of achievement, that’s it. In terms of gameplay, Guardiola’s Man City has raged on the land of mist by scientific football and rich in philosophy. From holding the ball, developing the ball, running in place, presssing, the Man City players all express their superiority to all competitors. Therefore, whether Man City or Liverpool is crowned, the Premier League still experiences the most memorable season in history, a brilliant thousand-year-old hero.

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