Milner explained the celebration of the “old man with a cane” aimed at Van Dijk

James Milner had a strange act of celebration in Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Cardiff, with scathing walks like the old.

In Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Cardiff, James Milner was the goal winner who scored the score with an accurate penalty kick. It was not surprising that Milner finished a goal from 11m, surprisingly from the celebration of the “old stickman” afterwards.

Witnessing Milner’s actions, viewers could not help but think of Samuel Eto’o, who had acted like that with the intention of responding after being criticized by coach Jose Mourinho. Milner is no different but in a more positive sense than negative and targets his partner Virgil van Dijk.

Revealed after the match, Milner said: “Van Dijk gives me many interesting stories about old age, so my celebration is to aim for him.” It also shows somewhat of the comfort and cohesion of Liverpool players in the key moments of the season, even the history.

Assessing Liverpool’s coronation opportunity, Milner points out: “We just need to focus on our part. All we can do is win every match and maintain pressure. If we slip, Man City has an important step to crowned. “

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