Mourinho does not place yourself: MU fired – Real decry, Conte robbed chair

On 12/18, MU announced the dismissal of coach Jose Mourinho. Nearly 4 months have passed, “Special People” still cannot find a new parking lot.

Mourinho lost more

Jose Mourinho parted with MU in mid-December 2018, holding a compensation contract under British media, ranging from £ 20 to £ 25 million. This is one of the highest value compensation cases in the history of the English Premier League. At that time, “Special People” gloated to leave Old Trafford, leisurely waiting for the next team.

But what is going on shows that, being fired by MU, Mourinho lost more than he could. Although holding a huge amount of compensation, there is one thing that is very easy to recognize, that is the reputation of the Portuguese military leader as being destroyed. Meanwhile, he took decades to build up the reputation of “Special One”.

After leaving Manchester United, Jose Mourinho revealed his ambition to return to Real Madrid. There was a time when the 56-year-old coach was very close to the Bernabeu team, before the manager temporarily rescued Santiago Solari. However, the worst impressions in 3 years working in Spain from 2010 to 2013 caused the door to be shut down at the last minute.

After Zinedine Zidane suddenly agreed to return to power at Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho turned his attention to another old team. That is Inter Milan. When leaving Giuseppe Meazza in 2010, “Special One” said that one day he would return to this land. Just like in 2008, this is the perfect time for him to look for Inter – also in the difficult circumstances of his career.

“Special person” does not have a place to stay

However, internal sources from Inter Milan show that this Milan team is not interested in a military being judged to be out of date. Instead, CEO Beppe Marotta turns his attention to Mourinho’s one-time enemy Antonio Conte.

CEO Beppe Marotta and coach Conte were the duo building up the foundations of the Juventus Empire today. Mr. Marotta was the CEO of Juventus, while Conte was able to bring this team back to the top with 3 consecutive Serie A championships. Remember before Conte arrived, “Old Lady” just returned to Serie A and was struggling to find the glory with the 7th place in Serie A.

Another reason for Inter Milan to choose coach Conte instead of Mourinho, is because the team is afraid to spend huge amounts of investment and a high salary for “Special People”. And so Conte is becoming the top candidate for Giuseppe Meazza hot seat, instead of Luciano Spalletti – who is expected to leave after the season ends.

A stop is also in the expectation of Jose Mourinho, which is PSG. The reigning champion Ligue 1 with great financial potential, can meet all requirements of transfer funds and wages from “Special People”.

However, the Paris rich man has too many stars in the squad, and they don’t want to go into MU’s dump. In addition, PSG aims to play a fiery offensive game to claim Europe. Mourinho coach in the opposite school. Now “Special People” are facing a situation where there is no place to be used. The small team does not want to lead, and the big team is not excited about him.

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