Not Ironman so Dutchman can’t fly

The Dutch Bay were broken at their own yard. At the very last second of the Champions League semi-final, there were only a few moments left when they flew up to the cloud with the final ticket.

This is the satirical column of the Idiot Hero, the facts in the article can be true or can be imagined in the high moment of the writer.

The close 500 readers certainly contributed a few slots to the $ 2 billion global ticket sales for the Marvel’s “End Game” blockbuster. Here, Hero Desk … It’s worth noting about the ticket money because it’s too bland. What money is, it is essential to live in a life that requires a heart.

What I want to mention here is the famous Iron Man, you are pretty close to him. This son of a rich, beautiful and good-looking son, who is well-educated and well-qualified but not misled as miscellaneous as the international journalist in Ha Tinh province has just been deleted from the Vietnam journalists’ association yesterday. The Iron Man died, majestically, after a beating of the mercy of the man for Thanos.

However, if speaking in terms of football, Ironman has finished the final of his life, receiving Cup and glorious death in the arms of fans. Not as deadly as the new Ajax young Amsterdam, who are still proud of their ability to fly with the nickname “The Flying Dutch”.

The Dutch are an admirable nation. Born in a poor country in land resources, suffered from high tide, heavy rain combined with sea level rise to rob the land, they have devised many ways to use land economically and effectively. Synthetic Football (Total Football), not the total football that we still misunderstand, is a Dutch innovation that brought land planning into football.

There, the same area of ​​the red book is the same, but how to expand your land, encroaching the opponent’s land is a proposition to help the Dutch push the midfield line to the edge of the opponent , cornering the opponent to the golf course, both creating safety for the home, and having many chances to score. The 1974 World Cup final between the Netherlands and Germany is an example, when the German team only touches the ball for the first time with a goalie goal.

But the Dutch still broke their wings, losing out because of their personality. Later, a German father took his son to the border, pointed to the Netherlands and said, “The other son is the country of the artists.” And the Dutch father also took him to the German border and pointed: “Son, that’s the country of the champions.” Too painful!

Perhaps, it was the quality that flowed in the blood of the Dutch, flying without armor like the Ironman protected, and broke the wings like in the movie. Whoever is a Ajax player has eliminated both Real Madrid and Juventus after being beaten to death by Rooster Tottenham, despite having won 1-0 in the first leg, regardless of whether they have scored 2 goals in the second leg.

The flying screen of the boys Ajax is still very jubilant until the 95th minute, but in anyone’s life there is anyone who knows the word Ngàng, just as the flying screen promises high levels, then suddenly the boys run out of gas, or The term “buffalo” means “broken”. Moura’s third goal pulled the Dutchman flying to the ground, and set up a new crew: the Flying Chicken Squad.

The Dutchman’s “death” is clearly more painful than Ironman’s. Big battles are not for artists. Nice is beautiful, but not champion!

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