Ronaldo conceived, mocking the height of the opponent

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) has made many fans disappointed when mocking Alessandro Florenzi’s modest height on AS Roma.

This incident came in the 59th minute of the match. Due to the fact that the versatile player Florenzi accompanied him too, there was no way to escape, Ronaldo was somewhat inhibited and the two sides had a scuffle. After the intervention of referee Davide Massa and the side player, everything seemed to be resolved.

However, Ronaldo also enlisted to ridicule Florenzi’s measure (1m73) with the meaning “he is too short to loud to him”. After that, CR7 left with a smile full of pleasure because his joke despite Florenzi’s very inhibitory.

Speaking after the match, individual Florenzi also evaluated on Ronaldo ‘s behavior: “AS Roma have twice taken the ball out to the yard when someone is on the pitch but Ronaldo is not. Maybe he won I got 5 Golden Balls so I had the right to do everything, I said and did a lot of silly things on the field but never showed it to my opponent. “

Due to the lack of goals, the defending champion Juventus lost 0-2 to AS Roma. This victory is important for Roma as they continue to hope to win tickets to the Champions League next season. Currently Roma has 62 points, ranking sixth, less than Milan in fifth place in terms of difference and 1 point behind Inter Milan but Inter have played less than 1 match.

Barca fans booed the home, vilifying Coutinho

The Champions League defeat seemed to be so great for Barca fans that they booed the home team against Getafe in La Liga.

The Champions League dream of the Spanish football giant broke down after they were utterly lost in the semi-finals by Liverpool. Despite winning a 3-0 win at home, the Blaugrana lost to The Kop to 0-4 at home away.

This bitter defeat made the cule not angry and they blamed the players. Whistling sounds were heard during the time the players started as well as when they were about to play against Getafe in La Liga round 37.

Despite heavy criticism from media and experts, both Ernesto Valverde and Ivan Rakitic midfielder did not receive too negative reactions from the NHM. Meanwhile, captain Lionel Messi and reserve goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen are rare players who are welcomed rather than hearing boos.

The most whistling is the midfielder Philippe Coutinho. The Brazilian was ridiculed even when he started out on the pitch as well as when the announcement was included in the starting lineup.

This could be a sign of a departure from Coutinho. The 26-year-old star moved to the Nou Camp with a club record price of 160 million euros. However, he has yet to prove its value and lost in the big games.

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