Spurs, M.U were all defeated, what else does Liverpool have to cling to hoping to overthrow Man City?

The 2-0 victory over M.U at Old Trafford in the Manchester derby helped Manchester City win the championship, while it was temporarily 1 point ahead of Liverpool and the season had only 3 rounds to bring down the curtain.

Witness what MU shows in the first 45 minutes in Manchester derby, Liverpool fans have reason to be optimistic and hope MU will stop Man City to help their team defend the number 1 position in the Foreign Division. English class. However, 45 minutes of the second half is the weak image of the Old Trafford team before the neighboring team that resulted in the goal scored by Bernardo Silva (54 ‘) and Leroy Sane (66’) for Man City.

The 2-0 victory helped Man City return to the top of the table with 89 points after 35 matches, more than 1 point away from rival Liverpool. This is not a big gap, but the season has only 3 rounds and the schedule from now until the end of the season is quite gentle to help The Citizens take advantage of too big to become the first team after MU 2008/09 Successfully defended the Premier League championship.

According to the schedule, Man City will meet Burnley (away), Leicester (home) and Brighton (away) from now until the end of the season. These are all competitors who are not appreciated for the quality of the squad compared to Man City and these teams also do not have much motivation to compete.

Competitors with City are Liverpool also have a relatively easy schedule with Huddersfield (home), Newcastle (away) and Wolves (home). Of these, Huddersfield was relegated, Newcastle were out of motivation. The most disturbing name is Wolves, engraved by the Big Six, the latest evidence is that the team just beat Arsenal in the match last night.

Statistics show that Wolves this season won 4 victories, 4 draws in matches with the Big Six teams. It is this that makes NHM have reason to worry about Liverpool players, especially in the context that they have 2 big battles with Barca in the Champions League semi-final.

It was this schedule that made Liverpool underestimated in the ability to overtake Man City in the remaining three rounds of the season. The current bookmakers also offer a chance for Liverpool to be crowned only 3/1 (1 set 3). Meanwhile, City’s rate is up to 2/9 (placing 9 meals 2).

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