Super star shines C1 Cup: Messi explodes brace, Ronaldo flashes and then turns off

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will not meet in the Champions League final, both have scored in one evening but only one person continues.

Jose Mourinho will be disappointed when he wants to see a Champions League final against Ronaldo – his Messi has been broken. If Messi and his Barcelona teammates have completed their work, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored but his team is eliminated under an excellent Ajax.

Barcelona won only 1-0 in the first leg quarter-final match at Manchester, and there is still a belief that Manchester United can go upstream in the return leg of the Nou Camp. But after the first 20 minutes of that match, it was suppressed by a double of Messi in 4 minutes, taking advantage of the mistakes of Ashley Young and David De Gea to score a comfortable difference for Barca in the section. Left of the match.

Messi is also helped by a performance that is not least outstanding from his teammates and especially rock friends on the same line. Philippe Coutinho kept moving from the left to make the MU defenders disconcerted before launching a long-range left-footed shot to win, and Luis Suarez did not run the ball with Phil Jones to create opportunities for Messi to open the score.

Meanwhile, in Turin, Juventus created a turn-around scenario similar to the first leg, when Cristiano Ronaldo once again opened the score with his head. “Almost”, because this time Ajax not only overwhelmed and had equalized success as the first leg, they also had a key goal of Mathijs De Ligt in the second half to win with a total score of 3-2.

Juventus team only has 2 players who really play well in this match, that is goalkeeper Szczesny and midfielder Pjanic. Ronaldo, even with an important opener, did not provide anything more for Juventus because he and his teammates were dominated by an excellent Ajax play pressing and holding the ball.

Messi not only has an excellent day of competition but also has the most supportive team to help Barca win easily and advance to the semi-finals. Meanwhile Juventus showed a sluggish face despite the lack of experienced players in the Champions League, and the goal was actually a moment of brilliance in the outstanding performance. Ronaldo will want to forget before Ajax.

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