Super strong combination between Barca and Liverpool

On the night of tomorrow (May 1), the semi-final Champions League match between Barcelona and Liverpool will take place at the Nou Camp. Before this compelling performance, let’s try to combine the stars of the two clubs into a super strong team.


Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Ter Stegen is considered the best goalkeeper in the world today, enjoying a great season with Barca. The German international had 85 saves in La Liga so far in 2018/19, helping the Catalan giant own 16 clean sheets.


Trent Alexander-Arnold

The young English defender went through an excellent season and was featured in the Premier League’s best-of-five squad this season. In addition to his defensive ability, Alexander-Arnold also contributed 9 assists to his team-mate.

Virgil van Dijk

Perhaps there is no need to say too much about Van Dijk – who recently won the Best Professional Player of the Year (PFA) League Player Award. The Dutch star completed 2,548 passes in the Premier League this season with an exact rate of 89.5%. In addition, he also has 183 interception and wins at 71%.

Gerard Pique

Pique started the season not really well, but his performance improved over time. The 32-year-old midfielder had 39 successful passes in La Liga this season, along with 34 interventions and 141 saves. Not only that, Pique also made a strong impression on the contribution to the overall play when completing 91.6% of passes.

Andy Robertson

As one of the best left-backs in football teams at the moment, Robertson has almost no weaknesses with a comprehensive ability to play. The 25-year-old star is currently pocketing 11 lines for Liverpool in the Premier League this season, among the top 4 best players, after Ryan Fraser, Eden Hazard and Christian Eriksen.


Ivan Rakitic

Despite many rumors of leaving the Nou Camp this summer, Rakitic is still an indispensable card in Barca’s chart and has contributed greatly to the club’s success. The reigning world runner-up completed 2,161 passes with an accurate rate of 91.8%. In addition, Rakitic also owns 3 tables and 4 assists.


After a slow start, Fabinho caught up with Liverpool and gradually found a foothold in the squad. The former Monaco player is likened to Liverpool’s “destroyer” in the middle with a 56% success rate. He also impressed with the ability to select the position and pass the ball accurately.

Mohamed Salah

Salah, though not as explosive as last season, is still the scary cannon of Liverpool. Currently, the Egyptian striker is leading the list of “Scorer” in the Premier League with 21 goals.

Sadio Mane

In the context of Salah’s loss, Mane becomes a new hero at Anfield. The 27-year-old striker has scored many important goals for The Kop, and now owns 20 goals, making it into the Premier League’s five-man squad.


Lionel Messi

Through this season and another season, Messi continues to play the leading role of Barca. He is leading the race for the European Golden Shoe with 34 goals. In addition, Messi also has 13 assists, making a big contribution to Barca’s La Liga championship for the second consecutive season.

Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan striker will have his first encounter with Liverpool since leaving the club to join Barca in 2014. Suarez has scored 21 goals in La Liga this season, behind only his partner Messi.

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